Welcome to the future of home comfort

A new way to control the temperature in your home, even when you are away.

On many occasions, the return home does not go according to plan: long working days, weekend getaways that are disrupted by unforeseen events… The ability to manage the switching on of our devices in real time from any location, ensuring maximum comfort upon arrival or postponing it to avoid unnecessary energy costs, is the outstanding advantage offered by our WIFI radiators: a total and remote control of your home.



Complete and intuitive menu

You can set your radiators individually or in a group (up to 30 devices) from any device connected to the Internet, and:

  • Control the state of the radiators, the ambient temperature.
  • Program the desired temperature and the duration of the different modes: comfort, saving, echo, antifreeze, off.
  • Add, remove or prioritize radiators.
  • Invite another user: perfect for student residences, rental apartments, holiday apartments… The owner can add and remove guests and ensure that all occupants enjoy a warm and welcoming environment, while maintaining full control of the configuration.

Geolocation by GPS

It detects the presence of the user thanks to the GPS position of the smartphone, and acts automatically increasing or decreasing the temperature of the radiator, in case the user is AT HOME/ ABSENT. The increase/decrease of the desired temperature can be defined by the user, who can also disable it permanently or temporarily.

Compatible with AMAZON ECHO and GOOGLE HOME

You can use various voice commands to know and adjust the temperature of your home, turn on, turn off a room or the whole house, change modes, comfortably without leaving the sofa.

WIFI models: