Electric heated towel rail.

Electric heated towel rail made of aluminum, an excellent heat transmitter, resistant to corrosion caused by humidity in bathrooms.

It has a simple and intuitive electronics with which you can program the desired temperature.

Intuitive and easily programmable digital thermostat.

Daily/weekly programming. The user can set the following temperature modes for as long as he needs: Comfort, Night, Antifreeze, Holidays, Chrono, Turbo/Boost, Eco 17º, Off/Standby mode.


Open window detection:

On, the device switches off automatically for a while if it detects a sudden change in room temperature.

Adaptive temperature control:

This function anticipates radiators operating start time until 2 hours regarding the programmed value (only for Timer mode).

Consumption indicator:

In the consumption control mode, you can check the consumption data of your device at any time.

Safety lock:

To avoid improper or accidental use that can modify the settings set in the thermostat.

Safety thermal limiter:

Activating this function, as a safety measure, the temperature of the front of the radiator will be reduced.


Available in 2 powers.

Wall mounting brackets included.

Made of aluminum.

IP24. Class II.

Model Power Measurements Weight
750 W
1000 W
76x46x12 cm
110x46x12 cm
5,9 kg
8,3 kg