Wifi controlled ceramic core radiator with injected aluminum body.

From the device and by means of our application, you will be able to manage from any place and at any time the heating installation of one or several houses, and to know and to control the consumption in real time. All you need is a WiFi connection in the place where the radiators are installed, and a WiFi or data connection in the place where you want to programme or control the installation with your mobile device. It is necessary to purchase the HJM SMARTBOX separately, which is connected to the router via Ethernet cable, for the Wi-Fi operation of the device.

Radiator with ceramic technology, manufactured without the use of any fluid inside. The thermal inertia is provided by high-performance refractory blocks incorporated in the core of a conventional aluminium radiator.

Injected aluminum chassis with an epoxy finish that is unalterable to the action of time and corrosion.

They generate a soft and enveloping heat, with a homogeneous front temperature, guaranteeing optimum comfort and total safety.


Intuitive and easily programmable digital chrono-thermostat, both manually and from your smartphone.

In automatic mode, the user can select the following temperature modes for as long as required: comfort, economy, antifreeze.
In manual mode, the user can set the desired temperature: fixed temperature, off/standby.

Other functions available at your smartphone using our app.

Complete and intuitive menu

From any device connected to the Internet you can:

  • Control the state of the radiators, the ambient temperature.
  • Program the desired temperature and the duration of the different modes: comfort, saving, echo, antifreeze, off.
  • Add, remove or prioritize radiators.
  • Invite another users.

Geolocation by GPS

It detects the presence of the user by means of the GPS position of his/her smartphone, and acts automatically increasing or decreasing the temperature of the radiator, in case he/she is AT HOME/ ABSENT. The increase/decrease of the desired temperature can be defined by the user, who can also disable it permanently or temporarily.

Compatible with AMAZON ECO and GOOGLE HOME

Smart systems that work through a device that has microphones to listen to voice commands from any direction. Conceived to help in everyday tasks, it can, among many other functions, control the radiators with simple voice commands.

If in addition to the smartbox, you purchase our consumption meter, you will have:

Consumption Limiter

All houses have a maximum contracted power. To stay within limits, the system has a built-in electricity monitor/limiter. In order for this system to be operational, a meter/rationaliser must be purchased, which will also serve to know the electricity consumption of the entire home.

Power and temperature statistics menu

If you have our consumption measurer installed in your meter, the app will allow you to consult at any time the power consumed and temperatures as it has complete reports on these variables.



Open window detection:

On, the device switches off automatically for a while if it detects a sudden change in room temperature.

Adaptive temperature control:

This function anticipates radiators operating start time until 2 hours regarding the programmed value (only for Timer mode).

Safety lock:

To avoid improper or accidental use that can modify the settings set in the thermostat.

Safety thermal limiter:

Activating this function, as a safety measure, the temperature of the front of the radiator will be reduced.


  • Manufactured in 3 powers to be able to adapt to any space.
  • Wall mounting brackets included.
  • Double lateral fairing.
  • Made of injected aluminum.
  • Class II. IP24

Model Power Measurements Weight
1000 W
1500 W
2000 W
63,5x58x12,5 cm
87,5x58x12,5 cm
111,5x58x12,5 cm
15,8 kg
21,5 kg
29,3 kg