Our electric radiators

Quality, design and innovation for high energy efficiency

Electric radiators are a fixed heating system that is connected to the electrical grid. They combine aluminium for optimum heat transmission and an electronic programmer for efficient energy use, improving comfort and avoiding unnecessary consumption.

Energy efficiency = saving

Smart and programmable heat is undoubtedly one of the main advantages when it comes to achieving greater energy efficiency in our home. Together with the quality of the materials, savings are achieved thanks to temperature control in the different rooms.

Smart heat. Easy to use

All our radiators incorporate an easy to use PROGRAMMABLE HIGH PRECISION DIGITAL CHRONO-THERMOSTAT, which allows to regulate a daily and weekly programme, assigning different temperatures for each hour, for each day of the week, individually for each radiator. In addition, they have an open window detector, adaptive temperature control, thermal safety limiter, constant information on power level, consumption, ambient temperature, as well as different programming modes, among which we highlight: comfort mode, economic, antifreeze, among many other functions, which make the use of our radiators as easy as possible, simplifying their handling.

Easy installation: no uncomfortable construction works

Easy to use and install. Simply screw them to the wall using their brackets and plug them into the mains.

High performance

The great thermal inertia of the fluid, of the cast iron or of the ceramic blocks of its interior, manage to achieve higher performance, emitting heat even after being disconnected.


Its moderate surface temperature makes it a safe and comfortable heating system.

Maximum guarantee: manufactured in Spain

Rigorous quality controls in the manufacturing process, enable us to offer you a maximum guarantee, and most importantly, they are manufactured by HJM in Spain, so they also comply with the strictest European standards.

Clean heat: maximum comfort while respecting the environment

They are a clean heating system that does not pollute, does not generate fumes, gases or odours.

Electric heated towel rails

Ecodesign: we comply with the standards

With our sights set on the future, at HJM we are committed to the use of more efficient technologies with better environmental performance, so that we can reduce both the emission of polluting gases and improve energy efficiency. The key? The choice of materials and simple programming avoid falling into high and unnecessary consumptions that facilitate savings.

Company adhered to the integrated waste management system for electrical and electronic equipment