Die cast aluminum radiator with fluid.

The thermal inertia is provided by its high temperature fluid, high thermal conductivity and low steam pressure, specially developed to obtain maximum performance.

Radiator with top opening to evenly dissipate all the heat generated by natural convection and radiation.

Extra-flat design.

Die cast aluminum body with an epoxy finish that is unalterable to the action of time and corrosion.

Intuitive and easily programmable digital thermostat

Display discreetly integrated into the top of the device for greater convenience. Daily and weekly programming. The user can set the following temperature modes:

Functions: Savings, comfort and safety.

Open window detection:

Temporary switch off by sudden room temperature drop.

Adaptive temperature control:

This function anticipates radiators operating start time until 2 hours.

Consumption indicator:

You can check the consumption data of your device at any time.

Keyboard lock:

To avoid improper or accidental use that can modify the settings set in the thermostat.

Safety thermal limiter:

Activating this function, the temperature of the front of the radiator will be reduced.


  • Manufactured in 3 powers to be able to adapt to any space.
  • Wall mounting brackets (+2,5 cm) included.
  • Double lateral fairing.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Extra-flat design.
  • Clase I/II. IP24

Model Power Measurements Weight
1000 W
1500 W
2000 W
63,5x58x10 cm
87,5x58x10 cm
111,5x58x10 cm
12,8 kg
18,7 kg
24,6 kg