Ceramic core radiator

Radiator specially designed to achieve convection, radiation and heat accumulation. The best solution for rooms that need to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Independent combination of two heat sources:
– Finned resistance: Optimises the convection process by favouring the distribution of hot air. Reaches the desired temperature in less time.
– Ceramic accumulator blocks with armoured resistance inside. They absorb the heat from the convection provided by the finned heating element and radiate it through the aluminum front panel. The armoured resistors located inside the accumulator blocks use the minimum power to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature, providing extraordinary thermal inertia and lower energy consumption.

Body made of aluminum with horizontal elements.

Front air outlet for better convection distribution.

Its shape makes it another decorative element.

Intuitive and easily programmable digital thermostat

4 Programmes customisable by the user, by hours, days, weeks, for a more precise control of consumption.
9 Factory preset programmes for quick and easy setup.

Timer, comfort, economy and antifreeze modes.


Open window detection:

On, the device switches off automatically for a while if it detects a sudden change in room temperature.

Adaptive temperature control:

This function anticipates radiators operating start time until 2 hours regarding the programmed value (only for Timer mode).

Consumption indicator:

In the consumption control mode, you can check the consumption data of your device at any time.

Safety lock:

To avoid improper or accidental use that can modify the settings set in the thermostat.

Safety thermal limiter:

Activating this function, as a safety measure, the temperature of the front of the radiator will be reduced.


Manufactured in 3 powers to be able to adapt to any space.

Wall mounting bracket kit included.

Double lateral fairing.

Made of aluminum.

IP24. Class II.

Model Power Measurements Weight
1000 W
1500 W
2000 W
52,5x59x10 cm
65,5x59x10 cm
78,5x59x10 cm
8,9 kg
12,7 kg
14 kg